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Behind the Lens

We're high school sweethearts & proud pet parents with a passion for storytelling. Scroll down to hear our story before we tell yours!


the jacobsens

When I was little, my dad would read to me every night, bringing a perfect blend of humor and vivid character portrayals to each story. He balanced the whimsical with the profound, bringing to life the characters from my books. His ability to find harmony in the stories, giving equal weight to every aspect of the narrative, left a lasting impression on me. I remember the smallest details of those tales, even two decades later, thanks to his skillful balance in storytelling.

This early lesson in balance has shaped my approach to life and art. Whether exploring different art forms or delving into photography, I've always sought to find that perfect balance in my creations. It's about blending fun with seriousness, reality with imagination. My photography journey began in earnest in 2016 at a creative arts school. It was there that Daniel and I, united by our passion for photography, founded KD Captures.

Fluent in sarcasm, lovers of nature, travel, and mixed drinks, and fans of vibrance and light.

Our philosophy in wedding photography is centered around balance. We understand that your love story is a unique mix of moments, emotions, and experiences. In capturing your wedding, we aim to balance the big, exciting moments and the quiet, personal ones. Getting to know you and your partner helps us make your wedding photos just right – a mix of fun and meaningful moments that tell your story.

Every photo we take is about showing the balance in your story – the laughs and the quiet times, the big scenes, and the little details. We want your wedding album to be a mix of everything that makes your relationship unique, captured in a way that's real and beautiful.

This approach comes to life through the connections we build with our couples. By understanding the unique blend that makes your relationship special, we ensure that your wedding gallery is not just a collection of photos, but a balanced and beautiful narrative of your love.


our favorite things:


places we've been

Maui, California, Colorado... Really, just anywhere with a beautiful beach or mountain views.


guilty pleasure

Post-wedding french fries, every time. Watching reality TV (we are obsessed with Welcome to Plathville and 90 Day Fiancé.



Hiking, traveling, strength training, spending time with our fur babies, tending to our plants, binging TV shows, and trying new cocktails.



Italian foods... pizza & pasta are kind of our thing.


travel bucket list

Fiji, the Bahamas, the Carolinas, Italy, Dubai, Alaska, Iceland, Paris... we'll stop here.


part of our job

Watching our couples finally get to relax and enjoy their wedding after months of planning- we've been there!

about you

Our clients are seekers of beauty, lovers of travel & animals, and value experiences over items. 

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meet our fur babies


  • Birthday: July 2020
  • Gotcha Day: August 2020
  • Breed: Domestic Longhair
  • Nicknames: Grahamalamb, GramGram, Lamb
  • Fun Fact: After I got him, my mom and I were leaving the pet store after getting toys for him and found a car with the license plate "4dagram". We decided his name would be Graham, and he would have an Instagram!

Tae'Anah (Tae)

  • Birthday: May 2018
  • Gotcha Day: November 2020
  • Breed: Pitbull/Husky
  • Nicknames: Tae Tae, Princess Tae'anah
  • Fun Fact: She will accept, tolerate, and/or enjoy ANY kind of affection unless it involves touching her paws. Touching her paws is a major no-no.


  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Gotcha Day: January 2022
  • Breed: Border Collie/Aussie/Bernese Mountain Dog
  • Nicknames: Weewoo, Bumble, Willow Baby
  • Fun Fact: Willow was a foster fail. We agreed to watch her for the weekend to get her out of a shelter, and as soon as I saw how she looked at Daniel with so much love, she never left.