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Intimate Outdoor Wedding in Austin | Haven and Michael, Austin, TX

December 12, 2023

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Hey y’all! I’m thrilled to share Haven and Michael’s gorgeous summer wedding. Haven and Michael tied the knot in a truly unique and intimate celebration. Set against the backdrop of Austin’s Red Bud Isle Park at sunrise, followed by a reception at Pease Park, their wedding in June 2023 was a love story painted in the vibrant hues of summer. Join me as we journey through the personal touches, picturesque locations, and the extraordinary love that defined this unforgettable day.

The Unique Location: Red Bud Isle Park

Red Bud Isle Dog Park isn’t your typical wedding venue, but for Haven and Michael, it was the perfect choice. This special spot held sentimental value, having been the backdrop to many of their early dates that featured their dog, Jessie. While Jessie wasn’t present for the ceremony, years of memories made as a family lingered in the air during the nuptials. Their intimate outdoor ceremony, with Lady Bird
Lake surrounding them added a touch of nature’s magic to their vows.

Personal Details: Hand-Drawn Stickers and Summer Colors

One of the most charming aspects of Haven and Michael’s wedding was the personal touch they added. As a surprise for their guests, the bride and groom hand-drew a collection of stickers that became unique and cherished wedding favors. A few of them may or may not live on my reusable water bottle 🙂 These stickers, each carrying the couple’s personal touch, were shared with loved ones as a token of appreciation. The vibrant and summery color scheme tied in perfectly with the vibrant greens of the park.

Sunrise Ceremony and Sunset Reception

The timing of their wedding added an extra layer of enchantment. The ceremony took place at sunrise, a symbolic beginning to their journey as a married couple. The reception, held at Pease Park, transitioned seamlessly into sunset, casting a warm glow over the festivities. This deliberate choice created a day that unfolded like a beautifully written novel – a story of love from dawn to dusk.

A Tree House and Portraits

As if the day couldn’t get any more enchanting, we brought the couple to Pease Park’s famous tree house for a few sunset portraits, capturing the essence of their love in a setting that felt straight out of a fairy tale.

In the heart of Austin, Haven and Michael’s wedding was a celebration of love, personal touches, and the magic that can be found in unexpected places. Red Bud Isle Dog Park became more than just a location; it was a canvas for their story.

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