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Wedding Planning

Why You Need a Wedding Photographer and Videographer Duo

February 1, 2023

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I might be biased, but I believe that your wedding photographer and videographer are the most important vendors you’ll hire. In my experience, photographers and videographers can either make a great team, or they can clash and work against each other. Making sure your photo/video team is on the same page is crucial for a wedding day that runs smoothly, which is why I highly recommend finding a wedding photographer and videographer duo. Keep reading to discover several of the many reasons I recommend a duo!

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Hi! My name is Kylie, and I am one half of a husband and wife photographer and videographer duo. My husband, Daniel, and I have shot over sixty weddings, and we have learned through personal experiences that keeping photo/video under one team usually runs smoother.

Wedding Photographer and Videographer Combo Packages

A wedding photographer and videographer duo shooting an outdoor wedding

Some vendors, especially couples, will offer a discount if you book them for photography and videography. Looking for photographer and videographer duos may end up getting you more bang for your buck!

Preventing Clashing

A wedding photographer and videographer couple holding hands in an open field

For whatever reason, there are instances where a photographer and videographer don’t mesh well, and end up (unintentionally) working against each other. When you hire a duo, you can trust that they work well together because they do it so often! Additionally, duos usually connect well with each other, which will make it easier for them to get things done efficiently on wedding day.

Less Vendors to Communicate With

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is. Why have two separate vendors to keep track of when you could have them both from one team? Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer duo will make planning easier, and that is something that EVERY couple needs.

More Fun

A wedding photographer and videographer with a bride and groom in an open field

Because your team already knows each other well, they’ll be comfortable with each other, and will have an easier time lightening the mood and making your wedding day experience more fun! My husband and I enjoy goofing around with our couples on wedding day, and it always helps them to loosen up for photos.

Consistency in Style

When you hire a duo, you’re more likely to end up having photos/videos that are consistent in style. Duos usually have a similar shooting style and editing style, making your wedding day feel that much simpler! Trust me, it’s far easier to complete one pose that both vendors can use rather than having to pose several times for each vendor.

Hiring a wedding photographer and videographer duo can truly make your wedding experience THAT much better. I highly recommend looking for a vendor that can offer both! My personal favorite is 😉

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